this will never be the same.
my blog consists of a shit load of models, naked ladies and los campesinos! references because i love them.
i will follow back if i like your blog.

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So I just had a massive cry with my mum and she apologised and now I feel bad for that post but meh.
I’m a dick.

Fuck off.
Fuck off fuck off fuck off.
If you don’t have any faith in me how do you expect me to have confidence or faith in myself?
I know I’m a piece of shit, I know my clothes are scruffy, I know my hair is scruffy, I know I’ve wasted a year at uni. I fucking know. That’s why I’m trying to change.
Now my mascara is running and I look even scruffier eugh fuck off.
I haven’t got money to buy a new jacket or new clothes, oh yeah that’s cos I drink it all. Yes I know I drink a lot. Grown up with a pair who drink a lot and no I’m not blaming it on that but I’m sure it does make some form of difference.
I need to fucking get in the navy and really fuck off this time.
It appears Nottingham wasn’t far enough.


Dear people of tumblr,

Can we please stop affixing ‘porn’ to everything?? That is just some tasty looking food not ‘foodporn’. Actual ‘foodporn’ would either be 2 food items partaking in sexual acts or like someone shoving a minimilk up someone elses butt. Ya feel?

Don’t even get me started on ‘handporn’ and ‘hairporn’ and the like…

Out of anything, you had to pick a minimilk

It’d be great if Issy or Scott changed their icon to something that isn’t the same as the other one.
It gets confusing kids, I hate you.

So who’s gonna celebrate sex and fertility (minus the fertility bit) with me eh eh eh?

#wow I need to get laid#it's been 17 days#eugh#writing
So who’s gonna celebrate sex and fertility (minus the fertility bit) with me eh eh eh?

I wanna get away and travel the world and earn myself some actual money, I hate not being totally independent.
I’ve never been totally independent but I want it to happen now.
If I get it, I’ll be navigator and second to the pilot on either a Merlin or a Lynx helicopter and I’ll be either rescuing people, busting Somalian pirates or just looking out for enemy and I am just so excited.
I will meet so many people, serve my country and do what I’ve wanted to do for years.
The only thing I am worried about is the fitness test but I now have something big I want to work to and actually achieve to change my life.
Oh man.
Imagine in like 40 years I became an Admiral.
I just wanna go now.

I want two weeks tomorrow to hurry up, and then I want my interview and then I need to get fit and do my physical and medical tests and then I need to get a place and then I need to do training and man I just wanna join already.
I’m so excited.

I am so not looking forward to tomorrow. Like at all.

I have never had someone cum on my face but that gif was hilarious.

I was just writing this long ass post about joining the Royal Navy and now it’s deleted and I am annoyed.
It basically went like.
Considering joining the Royal Navy.
Don’t like my uni course.
So many opportunities with the Royal Navy.
Travelling, good promotions, friendships, serving the country etc.
Could be a mine clearance diver where basically I dive and dismantle mines and save the seas.
Hard fitness test that I’d really have to work for.
It’d be so worth it though.
I could even apply for steward catering services as a submariner where I would basically travel around the world presenting wonderful food, possibly even to royalty and I could even be in control of the submarine for example it’s depth and direction/speed etc and it’d be great I wanna do it.
I’d basically be looking after the submarine I reckon, well the people inside anyway.
I definitely think it’s something I’m gonna go for.