this will never be the same.
my blog consists of a shit load of models, naked ladies and los campesinos! references because i love them.
i will follow back if i like your blog.

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I feel all bloated and horrible. I ate too much crap food yesterday bleugh.


Isn’t it weird how glue doesn’t get stuck to the container it’s in

It reacts to the oxygen or something in the air or some shit we need the science side of tumblr to help

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I need someone to crush on.
There are two people, well three people, wait four people I could crush on.
Ones just my mate and that would be weird even though I did see his pee pee last night.
One told me he only wanted sex so we’ve stopped talking, HES SO HOT THOUGH. He can be a back up for when I’m horny and in Nottingham.
Wait 5.
And the last three are all wank at replying. I have kissed one and a half of them. One like Easter time (he kissed me and then decided to ignore me until yesterday) and half of one over three years ago who’s just hot and I want please but he’s so wank at replying it hurts.
You’re all wank.
The latter two are winning so far.
Although I’m not sure winning is the right word.
Run, run away fools.

My friend sent me a dick pic last night.

Not in a vulgar way, we were joking about it and he did.

Anyway, it had a top hat, cane and monocle drawn on it on snapchat ahahaha.

It was beautiful.

I couldn’t stop laughing.

What a very dapper dick.



garlic bread is fucking gross

report this blog

issy do a thing

Need to get skinny la la la.

No more food for the next fourteen days.

Just juice okok.



The group chat has gone from Amy’s pubes to war and nazis. HOW?!?!

Don’t say we’re not interesting


The group chat has gone from Amy’s pubes to war and nazis. HOW?!?!

Fit Alex called me pretty.
He he he heeee.